Finishing Case and Multicolored Silicone Molding

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Finishing Case and Multicolored Silicone Molding

 Finally completed both the keypad and the controller case.  The keypad was a very interesting mold.  I began by milling the negative but it was very hard to make a good mold using due to tooling constraints.  I realized making a positive of the keypad created a much better surface finish so made one out of machinable wax.  I cast a silicone mold from the positive wax mold.  One I had this, negative, silicone mold, I tried a new technique of using three different colored resins.  I used a syringe to inject the white resin into the letters channels.  I then made a temporary wall between the red and green sections and let them merge once they were both poured.  This was all done within 20 minutes to ensure that proper blending and adhesion occurred   I was very happy with the results and it produced a very high quality keypad.  The case came out nicely and I added some vinyl stickers to it.

2 comments on “Finishing Case and Multicolored Silicone Molding

  1. Dave Ward on said:

    Awsome work ,I am an engineer working
    with 3d printed prototypes rubber parts were always a pain now you can get a rubber like fiment

  2. Dave Ward on said:

    Fat fingers and a cell phone the filiment can be used to 3d print rubber components like your keypad

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