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About Outsmarting Technologies

Outsmarting Technologies is reinventing the way individuals and small businesses prototype and manufacture products

Welcome to Outsmarting Technologies LLC. Founded by MIT engineers, Outsmarting Technologies (or OutsTech for short) seeks to reinvent the way things are prototyped, made, and manufactured. By fundamentally reinventing fabrication and manufacturing processes, OutsTech is currently developing a multitude of creations that will make personal fabrication and manufacturing easier than ever before. By applying new techniques, machines, and technologies, we are able to create a multitude of new products that make the fabrication and manufacturing process easy and affordable for individuals and startups. To find out more about we can make building products easier for you, please send us an email at the form below.

OutsTech is going to change the way we make things

Current and in development products


Custom Carbon Fiber Endmills

Desktop CNC Machining Center

Printed Circuit Board Factory

Who we are?


We are dedicated to redefining how individuals and small businesses design, prototype, and manufacture their products.

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Christian Reed

Chief Executive Officer
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Craig Cheney

Director of Electrical Systems
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Michael Farid

Director of Mechanical Systems

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 Cambridge, MA, United States

(631) 403-0865

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